October 2021
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Discover the ancient as well as the modern spirit of the city and enjoy unique and personalized walking tours with our carefully selected guides. Offer yourself an unforgettable experience in history visiting all the famous sites and imposing monuments & discover the picturesque and hidden corners of old Athens!


Athens City Tour & Acropolis

4 hrs tour

Starting Time: Personalized

Visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Syntagma Square, proceed to the amazing National Garden and then walk to the Roman Temple of Olympian Zeus. After we enter the picturesque pedestrian street of Dionysiou Areopagitou, we pass the Acropolis Museum and enter the slope of the Acropolis Rock where we’ll visit the Dionysus Sanctuary and Dionysus Theatre . Then we’ll walk up the slope to the Acropolis monuments. The panoramic views are breathtaking and perfect for Instagram-ready photos!!

After the guided tour of the Acropolis we will enter the most unique part of Athens, Anafiotika, Plaka’s hidden treasure! With your expert local tour guide you will discover all the worth-seeing traditional and picturesque mystic spots!

Ready to experience an unforgettable journey of discovery?

Acropolis, Ancient Agora & the Agora Museum

4 hrs tour

Starting time: Personalized

Visit Ancient Agora, one of the most important sites of the antiquity, the birthplace of philosophy and democracy and the imposing Acropolis Rock -with its amazing Parthenon and Erechtheion– the cradle of the western civilization!

Get a guided tour by an expert licensed tour guide to the most interesting landmarks of Greek antiquity and discover this glorious city and its monuments!

Acropolis Sunset Private Tour

Visit the Acropolis Rock and Plaka area late in the afternoon for a truly unique experience!!

We walk up the Acropolis slope and we visit the Dionysus Theatre and Dionysus Sanctuary before we hike up the rock to reach the Acropolis amazing monuments.

Panoramic and breathtaking views of the city will be perfect for Instagram-ready photos.

After your Acropolis guided tour follow your expert guide to enjoy the stunning sunset from a nearby hill, watch the sun diving in warm orange and red colors  and take the most amazing photos of your life!

Then visit the folklore Plaka area, discover its secret corners, visit the traditional shops and buy souvenirs and enjoy the Greek cuisine in a carefully selected local restaurant with traditional live music and dancing!


Let’s visit the amazing Mount of Lycabettus, the highest point in the center of Athens.

Lycabettus Hill is considered to be one of the most romantic places in Athens and it has an endless view of the city as far as the port of Piraeus! From here you can take the most amazing photos of your life! For our way to the top we will use the underground cable car and after 13 minutes we will reach the best view of Athens!

Then we will visit the premier shopping destination of Kolonaki area. Kolonaki is the place in Athens where stores from the most luxurious brands are located. Expensive boutiques, premier art galleries, fashion and trendy restaurants and cafes are all here. Seize the opportunity for shopping or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or even have a meal at an exclusive restaurant.

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